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  • eDailyDiary will never sell your email address or any other information to outside sources or third parties.
  • At no point will eDailyDiary or any of Ripple Soft employees will ask you to disclose any credit cards or other personal information.
  • Any such activity should be immediately informed to Ripple Soft or authorities
  • Ripple Soft reserves a right to contact the members to inform them of new services, useful account information, account changes, service changes
  • At no point names, email addresses (Address Book Service to be introduced soon), stored by our users will be used in any way by Saanya Soft for their internal purpose or otherwise.
  • Paid members (Service to be introduced soon) typically using additional space, will have an option to opt-out of newsletters, and periodical updates sent by Ripple Soft
  • Ripple Soft, will only send Newsletters or promotional offers of which it is a part of, or a partner in some way
  • In case Ripple Soft, wishes to partner with outside vendors, and would like to offer/extend services to their patrons, users will be informed via email for their consent. Only upon receiving their consent in the form of an electronic signature via email, will they be included in the lists.
  • Ripple Soft is strictly against spamming. In case you receive any mail by error, please notify us. We will take prompt steps to rectify the problem.
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