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An Introduction to eDailyDiary - Your Online Diary and Online Journal

Introduction - eDailyDiary is a versatile tool that will grow with a promise of simplicity.

eDailyDiary, has been created with an intent to allow the people to write their daily diary, keep notes and set reminders. It is a true online diary and an online journal not an open diary.

You can let yourself loose and write diary to your hearts content. The tour is designed for a diarist to help them make the most of this web diary.

eDailyDiary has three distinct sections. viz

  • Online Diary
    Online Diary allows you to write your every day diary. Our "Online Rich Text Editor" has a Microsoft Word like interface. You can set your font, make text bold and add hyperlink too. The editor is discussed more in the Write Diary Section. Your online diary pages are neatly organized with dates and week days.
  • Reminders
    This section allows you to set your own reminders. Your online journal will duly remind you of the event via email to your default email address, or you can specify more addresses.
  • Notes
    This section allows you to add simple notes to your online diaries, which can be temporary, and edited or deleted whenever you feel so. They have a time stamp on it, but unlike reminders do not have any start or expiration dates. Use this as your electronic notebook or a web journal.

Other utilities for your online journal are in the works. We will keep you posted whenever they are activated.

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eDailyDiary for:

Introducing an innovative e-diary that you can write on the web online...  

With eDailyDiary you can:
  • Write Daily Diary
  • Email your entries
  • Set Reminders
  • Email Reminders
  • Write Notes
  • Choose your own Diary colors
  • and much more..

Your only online diary that travels with you. Write diary everyday, set your own reminders and schedules. Write notes, thoughts, ideas and keep a log of events.

eDailyDiary the finest personal and confidential online journals and online diaries, you will ever need.

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