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Writing your diary online

After you log in to you account, and click on Write Diary button, you will be presented with the above screen. You can set a headline for the day, and Label your day as Normal, Great, Bad, Mad or sad. Select date from the drop down calendar, and you are taken to the Online Rich Text Editor (see below), where you write your details.

Writing Your Diary

Online Rich Text Editor

Online Rich Text Editor

The eDailyDiary comes with a Online Rich Text Editor. It has a Microsoft Word like simple and a friendly interface. It allows you to make your font bold, change font, underline or use italics. It even helps you create bulleted or ordered lists. You can add hyperlinks and do much more. Help is available to you at all times.

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eDailyDiary for:

Get into the habit of maintaining your diary.
When you read you begin with A.. B.. C.
When your start your diary you begin with eDailyDiary...  

Steps to Write Diary:
  • Type your headline
  • Label your Day - Normal, Great, Mad Bad etc..
  • Select Date you want to write the diary for
  • Click on Start Writing Diary
  • Use our Online Rich Text Editor to write your diary
  • In the editor you can, select fonts, add bullets, ordered lists and hyperlinks
  • and much more..


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