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A place where you can add your own recipes and share them with your fellow eDailyDiary, diarists.


An Online Diary and an Online Journal for a Housewife

An Online Diary and an Online Journal for a Housewife

Use eDailyDiary as your online diary and an online journal to write about yourself and your family. Keep a track of baby's antics and everyday progress. You could even use this web diary as a recipe book and use it wherever you want.

Email your recipes, to friends and family or print them just before you start to cook that new wonderful dish from this online journal. Edit your entries it to reflect your wonderful changes and additions you made to those dishes whenever you want.

Use this online journal to save your cooking, yoga, exercise and diet tips, wine lists and all those wonderful thoughts that wander into your mind. Use eDailyDiary as your personal web diary and a confidential personal information planner to help plan your days and events in advance.

A housewife  not only plays a role of a wife, but also of a mother, sister, daughter-in-law and above all a hostess who entertains guests and keeps everybody happy. eDailyDiary as a web journal can help you manage your shopping lists in the form of reminders. Use Reminders to remind you to pay your rent and insurance. This online diary will even make sure you reach your hairdresser's on time.

Plan your parties in this online journal and set reminders to send out invitations and much more. This e-diary can be your best friend.

Being a housewife has its moments... write them in eDailyDiary your only online diary and online journal

Take a Feature Tour of eDailyDiary and/or Sign up for an Absolutely Free Online Diary.

eDailyDiary for:

eDailyDiary is your:

  • Own personal secret diary
  • Own personal online journal
  • Save your recipes, health tips, wine lists and much more
  • Plan party lists
  • Log your baby's progress
  • Write diary, set reminders
  • Never forget important dates and events

We are constantly on the lookout for new innovations. If you feel you can contribute a great idea to us, please send us your wish list. If that feature is implemented we will give you due credit.

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