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Help with Chemical and Physics Formulas

Please send us your wish list. We would like to be helpful to Students. If there is anything we can do for you, please send us your wish list. If your ideas are used you will be given due credits for them.


An Online Diary for Students. True Digital Diary.

An Online Diary, Online Electronic Notebook and a Online Journal for a Student..

Use your free online diary as your electronic notebook or your online journal to take notes. Create as many categories you want in the notes section (a feature to be soon introduced). Use the notes feature to write down your thoughts.

Use this online journal to save your homework and email or print it in the school and hand it over to the professor. Do it your way, it's your own personal multipurpose online diary and an electronic notebook which expands your horizons.

Log in to your account and print, edit, delete or modify your journal entries and use them the way you want. You can even paste complete Documents from Microsoft Word, Excel or any other program you feel fit. Your work is available to you wherever you go 24/7 anywhere in the world. No need to carry the home work or worry about forgetting it at home. Jot down those wonderful thoughts that wandered into your mind in your very own online journal.

Record those lovely moments that you share during these tender years of your school and college in this online journal. When you step out into the world, you will cherish reading your past, and refresh your memories.

Write your fantasies, and create a log of all those brilliant ideas that float into your mind. eDailyDiary being your online diary will be there to  faithfully log your thoughts, and be there to remind you when you need them.

eDailyDiary is a true companion. This online journal and online diary will be there to share your pain, sorrow and joy of your growing years..

Take a Feature Tour of eDailyDiary and/or Sign up for an Absolutely Free Online Diary.

eDailyDiary for:

eDailyDiary is Your:
  • Personal Online Diary
  • Personal Electronic Notebook
  • Write diary, save homework
  • Share your work- Email it to your colleagues
  •  Print your work in your institution or anywhere you want
  • No need to carry notebooks around
  • Set Reminders, never forget important dates and events
  • Save your thoughts and ideas
  • Your true online diary and an online journal
  • A perfectly companion to grow up with
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