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An Online Diary and an Online Journal for Writers!

A Writers friend. An Online diary and your online journal

eDailyDiary is a writers diary. Write a book in this online diary, that you can edit, modify, add content to and from anywhere in the world. Use older dates to writing and publishing your book, chapter by chapter. Write a book or write books, as many as you want in this online journal.

Email your pages to your colleagues for advice or comments. Save those comments and views. Use notes to jot down your ideas, thoughts and those pearls of wisdom that enhance your books. Create categories for quotes and snippets that you would like to use in the notes section (a feature coming soon).

Express yourself exactly as you want in this online diary and create your content to perfection. Add, edit, modify or delete content whenever and wherever you want in your online journal. Our friendly online Rich Text Editor (RTE), with a Microsoft Word like interface will always be there to make sure your content looks right.

This web journal is really handy for writers. No need to lug those books and pens around. Just log into online diary and start writing your journal. You concentrate on the train of your thoughts, we will take care of storing them in our vaults.

There are many more uses, and did we forget to mention that you could use your online diary to set your reminders, and write your memoirs, thoughts and daily diary too.

Next to your pen, eDailyDiary is your friend. eDailyDiary is indeed your friend in need, the only true online diary and your online journal

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